Hello world!

If for some reason you were curious (and bored) enough to look through the archive.org to this site, something that would stick out immediately is that I’ve started to blog and gotten about as far each time as what you are now reading. Hopefully, this attempt proves to be more fruitful.

The most recent attempt at making a blog, I actually made a Django (Python) application and ended up packaging it up and making it open source for use in a presentation I gave in 2021 about deploying Python applications to Heroku. To make a lengthy story short, I found that there were a lot of guides that would do one narrow facet of web development, but nothing that I was able to find that would take you from a blank project to a working, deployed webapp. On that note, I actually made a change that introduced a bug that caused Digital Ocean Apps (which is where I was deploying the application to) to not like something I did to the project when I was customizing it for my particular use case, rather than making it generic.

As a result, this sat in a half-working state for the better part of a year. Instead of spending my weekend debugging a custom implementation of Django for something that is a static site, I’ve done something that a younger version of m would have deemed some version of “taking the easy way out” and spun up a WordPress instance.

I started my career as a Database Administrator, maintaining not just databases, but other software and systems that were in use at the organization I worked for. So historically, I’d been able to get things working and keep tight control over everything that I run. In part because I value my time more than I did when I was junior, and also because of the incredible developments over the years in conveniences offered by cloud providers, I’m much more willing to consider such managed solutions. Instead of spending my time maintaining them myself, I can focus more on actually utilizing the tools at my disposal. Therefore, it is my hope that I can actually commit to occasionally writing something that others find valuable. Time will tell!