Matt has extensive experience in the management of data including:

  • Setup and maintenance of cloud infrastructure used to store and process data
  • Designing database architecture to optimize for various use cases, such as creation of OLAP and OLTP systems
  • Creating data pipelines (ETL/ELT processes) and other process automation to turn data into useful information
  • Provide managerial oversight for delivery of data engineering teams
  • Planning, organizing, and implementing data projects

The purpose of this blog is to occasionally write articles that I’ll use to clarify my own thinking. While it is useful to organize information for myself as I learn new techniques, tools, etc., something that I’ve learned in my experience in a previous career as an educator is that few things contribute to your own understanding of a subject like condensing it and preparing it to be taught. It is my hope that as a side benefit, others may find the content I produce to be useful.

If you need to connect with me, you may contact me by sending an email to any address at my domain. I’ll refrain from posting my actual contact information or including a contact page due to how much unsolicited bot traffic sites like this are exposed to.